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Vendetta Extracts Shatter Australia


Available in 9 StrainsGrandpa’s Breath (Indica), Romulan (Indica), Northern Lights (Indica), Tom Ford Pink Kush (Indica), Super Skunk (Indica), Red Beard (Sativa), Thor’s Hammer (Sativa), Mimosa (Sativa), and Mendocino Purps (Sativa).

Vendetta Extracts Shatter Australia

Buy Vendetta Extracts Shatter Australia & NZ Online. Vendetta Extracts Cannabis is made with premium organic craft cannabis from the heart of  Australia by a handful of NZ top cultivars. Each batch of craft extract product is lab tested by Health Australia’s set of standards. Extracted in small quantities, the processes behind the scenes help the team at Vendetta Extracts ensure potency and quality in each package.

Vendetta Extracts Shatter Marijuana is a high terpene and potency BHO extract. This high terpene and high cannabinoid extraction process ensure you get the best of the entourage effect with each dab or vape hoot. A deliciously flavorful hoot and an extremely potent experience are what you can expect every time you unbox your next package of Vendetta Extracts Shatter. From AAAA buds grown in Australia’s top farms, the shatter is purged to perfection in each batch or it doesn’t go out, and that means potency at its maximum potential in every bag.

Each factory-sealed bag contains 1 gram of shatter.


Grandpa’s Breath (Indica), Romulan (Indica), Northern Lights (Indica), Tom Ford Pink Kush (Indica), Super Skunk (Indica), Red Beard (Sativa), Thor’s Hammer (Sativa), Mimosa (Sativa), Mendocino Purps (Sativa)


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