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Peppermint CBD Hemp Oil Drops Horsham


Peppermint CBD Hemp Oil Drops Horsham

Order Peppermint CBD Hemp Oil Drops Horsham Online. What could be a better accompaniment to your morning and nightly routine than a burst of peppermint that’s great for both your breath and overall health.
Each drop of Dixie Botanicals Peppermint Dew Drops will effervesce the floral and fragrant flavors. Aromas of peppermint throughout your palate, while the all-natural,
CBD hemp oil will refresh your daily supplemental routine.
Enjoy the powerful sensations of the spicy, yet cooling peppermint CBD tincture drops after brushing your teeth and finish your day with a nighttime dose in your evening tea.

500 mg High-CBD Tincture Drops
All-Natural, Non-GMO Hemp Grown in Northern Europe
Delicious and Refreshing Peppermint Flavor
Elegant Bottle and Design
Easy to Use Oral Applicator


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