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Godzilla Cookie Weed Leeton


Godzilla Cookie Weed Leeton

Buy Godzilla Cookie Weed Leeton Online. Godzilla Cookie is an Indica dominant Marijuana strain. It is crossed by Godzilla and Girl Scout Cookies. This strain is incredibly mellow and relaxing, with a THC content of 18% and 22%.

Godzilla Cookie’s flowers are certainly Godzilla-sized. The buds are large and chunky, and fluffy. The loose leaves are pale sea green and have a high volume of hairy orange pistils.

Smoke is exceptionally smooth for an Indica of this quality and leaves a fruity taste on the exhale, with a slight ammonia aftertaste.

The flavor is very fresh and rich, a mixture of fruits—notes of citrus and grapes, fresh herbs, and notes of vanilla cookies.

This fragrant Indica is worth adding to your collection.


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